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Japanese Counters Used for Counting Objects

Japanese Counters Used for Counting Objects Lets figure out how to include in Japanese. Each language has an alternate method of checking objects; the Japanese use counters. They are like English articulations, for example, a cup of ~, a sheet of ~, etc. There are an assortment of counters, frequently dependent on the state of the item. Counters are joined legitimately to a number (for example ni-hai, san-mai). Following the following couple of sections, we have included counters for the accompanying classes: objects, length, creatures, recurrence, request, individuals and others. Things which are not obviously sorted or ill defined are checked by utilizing local Japanese numbers (hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu and so on.). When utilizing a counter, focus on the word request. It is unique in relation to English request. A commonplace request is thing molecule amount action words. Here are models. Hon o ni-satsu kaimashita.æÅ" ¬Ã£â€š'ä ºÅ"冚è ² ·Ã£ â€žÃ£  ¾Ã£ â€"㠁Ÿã€‚I purchased two books.Koohii o ni-hai kudasai.ã‚ ³Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£Æ''ãÆ' ¼Ã£â€š'ä ºÅ'æ  ¯Ã£  Ã£  㠁•ã â€žÃ£â‚¬â€šPlease give me two cups of coffee.Another thing weâ want to make reference to is that when the Japanese gathering objects they isolate them into gatherings of five and ten, in contrast to the commonplace groupings of six and twelve in the West. For instance, sets of Japanese dishes or bowls are sold in units of five. Customarily, there was no word for twelve, however it has been utilized on account of Western influence.ObjectsWhen joining a number with a counter, the way to express the number or the counter may change.hon æÅ" ¬ - Long, barrel shaped items: trees, pens, etc.mai æžš - Flat, meager articles: paper, stamps, dishes, etc.ko 個 - Broad classification of little and minimized objectshai æ  ¯ - Liquid in cups, glasses, bowls, etc.satsu 冚 - Bound item s: books, magazines, etc.dai Ã¥  ° - Vehicles, machines etc.kai éšž - The floor of a buildingken ä » ¶ - Houses, buildingssoku è ¶ ³ - Pairs of footwear: sock, shoes, etc.tsuu 通 - LettersDurationjikan 時éâ€" - Hour, as in ni-jikan (two hours)fun 分 - Minute, as in go-fun (five minutes)byou ç §' - Second, as in sanjuu-byoo (thirty seconds)shuukan é€ ±Ã©â€" - Week, as in san-shuukan (three weeks)kagetsu 㠁‹æÅ"ˆ - Month, as in ni-kagetsu (two months)nenkan Ã¥ ¹'éâ€" - Year, as in juu-nenkan (ten years)Animalshiki Ã¥Å" ¹ - Insects, fish, little creatures: felines, hounds, etc.tou é ­ - Large creatures: ponies, bears, etc.wa ç ¾ ½ - BirdsFrequencykai 回 - Times, as in ni-kai (twice)do Ã¥ º ¦ - Times, as in ichi-do (once)Orderban ç• ª - Ordinal numbers, as in ichi-boycott (in front of the rest of the competition, number one)tou ç ­â€° - Class, level, as in san-as well (third place)Peoplenin ä º º - Hitori (one individual) and futari (two ind ividuals) are exceptions.mei Ã¥   - More formal than nin.Otherssai æ ­ ³/æ‰  - Age, as in go-sai (five years old)Ippon demo Ninjin is a pleasant youngsters tune for finding out about counters. Focus on the various counters utilized for every thing.

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Woodside Petroleum Limited Financial Reporting In Accordance

Question: Talk about the Woodside Petroleum Limited Financial Reporting In Accordance With The Requirements Of Australian Accounting Standards (Aasbs). Answer: This specific report looks to evaluate and remark on various data in regards to leases gave in the yearly reports of Woodside Petroleum Limited for FY2016 with the necessities of the pertinent Australian Accounting Standards (AASBs). Woodside Petroleum Limited is viewed as an Australian oil creation and investigation firm headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. The organization was joined in 1954, and it is additionally considered as the biggest administrator of gas and oil creation in Australia. The new IFRS 16 Leases necessities fundamentally disposes of about all reeling representing leases and furthermore rethink numerous normally used money related measurements, for example, EBITDA and the equipping proportion (Woodside Petroleum Limited yearly reports, 2016: note 117). Under AASB 16, the new IFRS 16 likewise passes on most rents on the accounting report for residents in a solitary prerequisite, canceling the distinction that exists among fund and working leases. Under this specific prerequisites, the resident will be required to perceive liabilities and resources for agreements and concurrences with terms of over a year and is additionally acknowledged on the monetary record (Ahmed, Neel, and Wang, 2013). As indicated by Australian Accounting Standards (AASBs), this new standard will build likeness and furthermore influence understandings, obtaining costs, FICO scores and partners discernments towards the organization. AASB 16 offers a solitary rent bookkeeping model and requires a renter to perceive liabilities and resources for all the rent understandings for a time of over a year with the exception of the basic property at a lower esteem (AASB 101.26). As per Woodside Petroleum Limited yearly reports, the renter is fundamentally required to perceive a privilege of utilization of property that plots its definitive option to utilize the benefit and a rented obligation that speaks to a risk on the lessor. The resident is likewise required to make installments for the rented property as the new IFRS 16 sets out the standards for introduction, estimations, acknowledgment, and presentation of leases. As indicated by AASB 16, the leaser will be expected to express a capital rent as an obligation and as a benefit at the sum equal to the current incentive toward the beginning of the rent time frame (Cairns, Massoudi, Taplin, and Tarca, 2011). In this specific case, Woodside Petroleum Limited will be expected to understand any rent understanding like capital rent as a risk and as a benefit at the cost identical to the current incentive toward the beginning of the rent time frame (Annual report note 13). Under AASB 110 Presentation of Financial Statements and AASB Conceptual Framework, the bookkeeping prerequisite for tenants will be expected to perceive all the leases on the announcement of money related situation with the exception of the momentary leases and furthermore rents that have low expenses (Wong, and Joshi, 2015). On the off chance that Woodside Petroleum Limited rents any advantage for a lessor, at that point it will be required to perceive the rented resources on its mon etary record with the exception of the transient resources that contain low expenses (AASB 101.26). The benefits will be recorded on the accounting report as an advantage, and the lessor organization will record a similar exchange as a risk on its asset report. Distinction between rent working and account rent A fund understanding is viewed as a plan wherein the prizes and dangers are moved to the leaseholder with the exchange of the property while working lease is esteemed to be a rent understanding in which rewards and dangers are fundamentally not moved to the leaseholder with the exchange of the property (Riccardi, 2016). A money rent is a saleable understanding in which the lessor allows the tenant to use the property for the greatest proportion of is practical life against rental installment that is alluded to as fund rent. In a fund rent, the property proprietorship is fundamentally moved to the tenant when the rent time frame lapses (AASB 98.90). The account rent is additionally considered as a non-cancellable understanding in nature that must be dropped if the lessor allows the occurrence of any unexpected occasion that may influence the benefit. Thus, working lease is a business understanding where the lessor allows the resident to use the property for a period lesser than the beneficial existence of the property against the rental installments which is alluded to as a working lease (Wong, and Joshi, 2015). A working lease is fundamentally increasingly like a tenant agreement on the grounds that generally rental installments are paid for the utilization of the property and frequently charged a rental cost in the salary explanation in the books of the tenant. As per Woodside Petroleum Limited yearly reports, the organization rented skimming creation, helicopters, stockpiling and off-take vessels, flexibly vessels, land, cranes, PCs and office premises as working lease to use the benefits in their activities. For this situation, the organization will be required to record the advantages as costs in the pay articulation on a straight-line premise over the rent time frame (Grenier, Pomeroy, Stern, 2015). Rent rewards accomplished are acknowledged in the benefit and misfortune account as a major aspect of the all out rent costs. Then again, the lessor will record this exchange as an advantage on its monetary record. Woodside Petroleum Limited additionally rents long haul bank advances from money related foundations under capital rent. For this situation, Woodside Petroleum Limited will record the rent as liabilities in its accounting report and the bank will record the exchange as a benefit on its monetary record (Annual reports, 2016: note 3 4). In residents point of view, the potential ramifications of the appropriation of the new AASB 16 on resources is that the tenant firm will be expected to understand the rented resource as a benefit on its accounting report (Albu, and Albu, 2012). Under AASB 110 Presentation of Financial Statements, the option to utilize the advantage will be estimated by the tenant at the measure of the rent risk and a definitive direct costs included and detailed as a benefit on the announcement of budgetary position. For instance, renting a helicopter or office reason will build the organization resources an in this manner will be treated as an advantage in a critical position sheet. Another ramifications on obligations and liabilities is that the renter firm will build its general liabilities in its asset report since the rented property will be perceived as a risk in the budget reports (Annual report note 41). Under AASB Conceptual Framework, the rent commitment will be estimated through the current expense of the rent esteem limiting by the financing cost inferred in the rent understanding. For instance, use of long haul credits by the organization will diminish the firm benefit in light of the premium paid to the bank. Under renters viewpoint, influence proportion will increment since it is generally estimated as net obligation/estimation of the firm. A higher influence proportion will bring about a higher estimation of the organization (Chalmers, Clinch, and Godfrey, 2011). Bookkeeping dependent on obligation agreement will be influenced by the new AASB 16 since development in the bookkeeping based obligation understandings will build the firm worth (AASB 101.26). As per AASB 16, the estimation of the organization will increment with the net obligation while the estimation of value stays steady (Wong, and Joshi, 2015). The potential ramifications of receiving new AASB 16 rent on benefit and costs is that the firm will encounter an expansion in commitments in view of the money rents, for example, long haul advances. Increment in organization commitments contrarily influences the income as the vast majority of the accomplished benefits will be utilized to reimburse a portion of its due commitments. Book index Ahmed, A.S., Neel, M. what's more, Wang, D., 2013. Does required appropriation of IFRS improve bookkeeping quality? Fundamental evidence.Contemporary Accounting Research,30(4), pp.1344-1372. Albu, N. what's more, Albu, C.N., 2012. Worldwide Financial Reporting Standards in a rising economy: exercises from Romania.Australian Accounting Review,22(4), pp.341-352. Cairns, D., Massoudi, D., Taplin, R. what's more, Tarca, A., 2011. IFRS reasonable worth estimation and bookkeeping approach decision in the United Kingdom and Australia.The British Accounting Review,43(1), pp.1-21. Chalmers, K., Clinch, G. what's more, Godfrey, J.M., 2011. Changes in esteem significance of bookkeeping data upon IFRS appropriation: Evidence from Australia.Australian Journal of Management,36(2), pp.151-173. Grenier, J. H., Pomeroy, B., Stern, M. T. 2015. The impacts of bookkeeping standard exactness, examiner task skill, and judgment structures on review firm suit exposure.Contemporary Accounting Research,32(1), 336-357. Riccardi, L., 2016. Bookkeeping Standards for Business Enterprises No. 3Investment Real Estates. InChina Accounting Standards (pp. 25-29). Springer Singapore. Wong, K. also, Joshi, M., 2015. The effect of rent capitalisation on fiscal reports and key proportions: Evidence from Australia.Australasian Accounting Business Finance Journal,9(3), p.27. Woodside Petroleum Limited yearly reports, 2016. Recovered from https://www.woodside.com.au/Investors-Media/declarations/Documents/01.03.2017%20Annual%20Report%202016.pdf

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10 Educators on Twitter You Need to Follow

10 Educators on Twitter You Need to Follow (0) Truth be told, I came late to Twitter.  My Twitter Birthday is May 1, 2011. Yes, there is a site that can tell you this information. In my five Twitter-years, I have used it exclusively for professional purposes, e.g. networking, professional learning, etc., and only recently have begun to use it for news and communication outside of my professional affiliations.   Through my following of Eric Sheninger, I came to see Twitter as a platform for professional sharing and that changed the way I use it. Having a more directed purpose, my tweets seemed more substantive. Dr. Alan November inspired me to use Twitter for inspiration (of all things) and follow the greatest minds in the Twittersphere for sage words. Both of these gentlemen are, of course, on the list. So, the list. This is a list of nine educators and one education entity. The educators I have chosen are so much more than their numbers of followers. They are thoughtfully vetted leaders in the fields of digital literacy, social and emotional learning, and educational policy. The one entity is a fantastic resource for curriculum and lessons in literacy and the content areas. The one common denominator among all of the teachers on this list is passion. Let me say that I do not use this word lightly. I do not think that being a teacher automatically means that one has passion. Through careful research, aside from their Twitter feeds,  I can tell you that each of these rockstars are naturals and the passion they exude is incredibly motivating. Vicki Davis @CoolCatTeacher /  137,000 followers I was immediately enamored with Vicki Davis. She and I both began teaching in the same year and we share some basic philosophies. Vicki calls herself a Teacherpreneur and her work as a teacher typifies this perfectly. An entrepreneur must be fearless even in the face of uncertainty. A teacher, well, you know what they do. In her role as a teacherpreneur, Vicki allows her students who know vital information to teach their classmates and teach her. She truly puts her students in charge of their learning and presses on when she does not have all the information. This quality really resonated with me. The attention that Vicki places on digital literacy and citizenship is just phenomenal. Her practice is highly metacognitive and facilitates students’ learning and talking about their own knowledge. Rounding out her prowess as Teacherpreneur, Vicki has a global view that sees far beyond the rural community where she teaches. Diane Ravitch @DianeRavitch /  138,000 followers I could not put together a list about Top Teacher Tweeters without mentioning Diane Ravitch. I included Ravitch for a few reasons. The education climate, specifically concerning public education, that we face today makes it imperative and absolutely necessary that we teachers know policy. Ravitch knows policy and is an unflinching advocate for teachers everywhere. She attended primary and secondary public school and understands the need for improving our Nation’s public education system. Diane Ravitch is a Research Professor of Education at New York University and an educational historian. From 1991to 1993, she was Assistant Secretary of Education under President George H.W. Bush. She is an agent of change in a world that is ripe with flux. Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist /  41,900 followers What I like most about Mark Anderson is his very purposeful use of technology. It is not there for bells and whistles or to look good in an observation. Technology plays a vital role in his teaching. Mark is Apple and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) certified and gamifies content whenever possible to speak to his game-conscious students. Something that I like about Mark is his authenticity. Footage of him available online coupled with his tweets show someone that does not rely on using popular educational buzzwords and jargon to show that he is credible. Without muddying the waters with the likes of Jim Tammy Faye Baker, in my understanding an evangelist is one that tries to convert others, usually by public preaching. Calling himself the ICT Evangelist, Mark is on a crusade to convert students, teachers and policy makers into a highly tech savvy populace. And he is succeeding.   Laura Fleming @LFlemingEDU /  13,800 followers Laura Fleming is the Library Media Specialist at New Milford High School in Milford, NJ. Knowing talent, fellow list maker Eric Sheninger hired her when he was principal at NMHS. As a school librarian myself, I follow Laura and know that she is the final word on Makerspaces and the Maker Movement in education. If I was playing word association and my partner said, “Makerspaces,” I’d say “Laura Fleming.” She is that good. Laura believes in collaboration and exploration through rigorous Project Based Learning. Her aim is to create learning experiences that empower and equip students to effectively produce and consume content across multiple media platforms. Alex Corbitt @Alex_Corbitt /  26,600 followers OMG, I need to meet Mr. Corbitt! Alex is a fellow New York City educator and teaches English in the Bronx. Alex focuses on socio-emotional learning, gamification, and literacy and is very active on Twitter. Alex Corbitt was recently the subject of a Member Spotlight feature story on UFT.org. The article talks about Alex’s ability to empower his students using PBL and multimedia approaches. Part of the reason I included Alex in this list is because of the relationship that he has with his students. It reminded me of me and my kids (as I call them) and how vital this relationship is. His empathy coupled with his craft are an outstanding combination. He strives to innovate, collaborate and share collegially while cultivating critically engaged citizens. Dr. Alan November @GlobaLearner /  44,500 followers About a year ago, I was asked by my principal to attend a technology workshop for him, seeing as tech is my thing. I agreed to go, somewhat begrudgingly, until he passed me the invite. The workshop was led by none other than Dr. Alan November. Dr. November is one of the smartest and most thought-provoking people I have ever known. That day I was one of 10 educators in attendance, and one of maybe three that had any idea WHO we were really listening to. I totally have a professional crush on him, and I will openly admit that. Dr. November is all about confirming and challenging what is possible in the world of teaching and learning. His areas of expertise are in planning across curriculum, staff development, new school design, community building and leadership development. My takeaway from Dr. November is that he is an innovative global-minded individual that loves to learn about how people interact with technology. He was named one the Nation’s 15 Most Influential Thinkers of the D ecade by Technology Learning Magazine in 2016 and that distinction is completely right-on. Steven W. Anderson @Web20Classroom /  148,000 followers You can tell by Steven’s number of followers that this guy is everywhere and has his hand in many pies. He is an educator, speaker and blogger and is super active on Twitter where he hones his passion on how teachers and students learn. Steven is expert in infusing technology in teaching and the use of social media for learning. He is the creator of #Edchat, a Twitter discussion group with over 1.5k weekly participants. His global view of education extends to students that are not his own but might benefit from his words. I love this about him. Steven W. Anderson has an amazing number of followers for a reason: He is an incredible, knock-it-outta-the-park educator. Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger /  115,000 followers There must be something in the water at New Milford High School because Eric is the 2nd on the top ten that hails from NMHS. I heard all over Twitter about this rockstar principal from New Jersey and my curiosity was piqued. Eric is known for his smart use of technology and social media platforms as educational tools that transformed his school while he was a principal.  Since leaving his position as principal, Eric is able to share his talents with many more people.  In his role as Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership in Ed (ICLE), thousands are affected by Eric’s expertise in using Twitter as an indispensable means for education as well as communication. There is not a list out there that does not count Eric Sheninger among its ranks.  It is easy to see why. Read, Write, Think @RWTnow /  44,000 followers I am an adjunct instructor at my local college and I educate preservice teachers on how to teach reading and writing. A large part of the class involves crafting lesson plans. Being among the first graduate courses they take, my students are a bit green to lesson planning. I do not believe in reinventing the wheel. Rather, I say find the person that makes the best wheels and borrow them. Add more air or take some out. Make the wheel your own. Basically, find a resource for lesson ideas and tips that are vetted and research based and stick to it. Read, Write, Think has been my go-to resource for about 15 years now and has never let me down. Their Twitter feed features peer-reviewed lessons that focus on literacy.       Angela Maiers @AngelaMaiers /  145,000 followers In teaching, there is the curriculum, and then there is everything else. “Everything else,” refers to the social-emotional aspects of being a teacher. For me, “everything else” comes before curriculum. Once a positive social and emotional setting has been created, real learning can take place. Angela Maiers is a pioneer in digital literacy and education technologies. An educator, author, speaker and founder of Choose2Matter, she challenges us to make “mattering” a way of life. Her philosophy is that when people accept that they matter and know their actions count, learning, lives and worlds change. Her Twitter feed provides links to inspiring strategies and tips that speak to educating the whole child.   In my role as an adjunct faculty member, I highly suggest that all my students sign up for a Twitter account. I start them off with three Twitter users. Students then research these three users by examining their followers in order to build a network to guide them in their career. I offer this same advice to you. To you that maybe does not really get Twitter. To you that cannot imagine a life outside of Facebook. To you, the seasoned Tweeter looking for new ideas. And even you, who just thought, “Well, I’m none of those,” this article is for you! Happy Tweeting, and even happier discovering, because I promise you, Twitter is a teacher’s digital wonderland.

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Harriet Tubm One Of The Most Important Women - 1783 Words

Playing a vital role in helping the slaves escape from their unfortunate fate, Harriet Tubman is one of the most important women in the history of slavery. In 1820, in a little county named Dorchester, a daughter born to Ben Ross and Harriet Green would one day be called the savior of slaves; her parents, on the record, named her Araminta Harriet Ross, and then nicknamed her â€Å"Minty†. Since both parents were enslaved on Anthony Thomas and Mary Pattison’s plantation, there is no official record of Harriet’s birthday. Historians believe that she was born somewhere between February and March in 1820. During the year of 1892, Harriet announced to a crowd of people that she was sixty-seven years old; however, it is possible that this year is not†¦show more content†¦Minty’s parents met during the year of 1803 after the merging of Thompson’s and Brodess’ plantations. According to Harriet Tubman Chronology, during 24 years of their mar riage, they were successful at creating nine children of their own: the oldest Linah (born in 1808), Mariah Ritty (1811), Soph (1813), Robert (1816), Araminta (1820), Ben (1823), Rachel (1825), Henry (1830), and last but not least, Moses (1832). Even though Mr. Ross was released from slavery at age 45, he willingly worked for Thomas for income. When Minty’s younger sister, Rachel, was born, the Brodess plantation was not financially stable. Even though Brodess’ slaves meant a lot to him, he had to start selling off his slaves in order to keep his plantation going; the first ones that were sold was Araminta’s older sisters Mariah, Linah, and Soph. When Minty turned the age of five, she started being deprived of her own childhood memories when she became forced to take care of her owners’ infant. Being too young to accept such responsibility on top of all of her household chores, she stayed on duty all night long most nights. She had to hold the baby in h er arms, and rock her while she slept in order to avoid the risk of the infant crying. If the baby made a cry, her mistress would whip her around the neck out of lack of caring for her child the way she should.

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Global Code Of Ethics Ethics - 1407 Words

Global Code of Ethics Sherry D. Martin Patten University Global Code of Ethics A global Code of Ethics has been established at [Company Name] to encourage conformity with behaviors that reflect high ethical standards. The following code must be adhered to within all levels of [Company Name] and should be used as a guide for helping you act appropriately. †¢ Act with integrity ïÆ'Ëœ Doing the right thing must be at the forefront of all business decisions. Integrity refers to ethical soundness, wholeness, and consistency (Johnson, 2012, p. 328). Acting with integrity increases the level of trust throughout the organization. †¢ Treat all employees with respect and dignity ïÆ'Ëœ Employee diversity is at the core of our business. Our enterprise brings associates together from across the globe with different cultures and skills. No associate shall be discriminated against due to religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, or any other difference that makes us unique human beings. †¢ Lead by example ïÆ'Ëœ Employees at all levels have the ability to lead by example. This behavior is not reserved for management functions alone. When associates see other associates living the behaviors in this code, they are more inclined to follow that lead. You have the power to influence many. †¢ Foster an environment of transparency ïÆ'Ëœ Transparency or openness is a key element of honesty. When associates attempt to hide wrongdoings, trust is broken andShow MoreRelatedGlobal Code Of Ethics And Ethics938 Words   |  4 PagesMBA 605: Unit 4 Exercise Global Code of Ethics Introduction All employees and senior level executives are expected to uphold to the Global Code of Ethics in the highest ethical standards of this corporate international organization. Each employee is to abide by the laws of their country and the regulations of the organization in which they work. The Global Code of Ethics helps ensure compliance with the standards of business, ethics, and governing regulation requirements put in place. All employeesRead MoreThe Global Code Of Ethics1655 Words   |  7 PagesI. OVERVIEW The Global Code of Ethics outlined herein describes how this international organization intends to do business. Because this business is global, working in conjunction with different cultures is of utmost importance. Drafting, implementing, and monitoring the Global Code of Ethics has involved and will continue to include a team from all aspects of the business, including; the Board of Directors, the General Counsel, Human Resources Directors, Managers, and Employee Representatives. FurtherRead MoreGlobal Organization Code Of Ethics1154 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Organization Code of Ethics This Code of Ethics applies to our entire global organization. It sets forth the values and expectations for all employees and shareholders within our company. Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Fair Business Practices This organization will engage in practices that encompass integrity, honesty, respect and fair practices. - Honesty: All employees are expected to be honest with fellow employees, stakeholders, investors, and vendors. - Integrity: All employees willRead MoreGlobal Code Of Ethics For Tourism1067 Words   |  5 Pagesalso helps others in economic growth, including development and environmental sustainability and also offers leadership and support to the organization in tourism policies all over the world. It encourages all the organizations to implement Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. UNWTO SERVICES AFRICA †¢ UNWTO organized a â€Å"Tourism Investment and Business Forum† for Africa which was held on 21 January 2016 in Madrid, Spain. The Forum’s aim was to promote the development of sustainable tourism in Africa asRead MoreCritique Nigel Dowers Perspective Of Ethical Development And Globalization1722 Words   |  7 Pagesnatural resources, especially trees, is one contributor to climate change and global warming. In this paper, I will critique Nigel Dower’s perspective of ethical development and globalization through the lens of John Broome’s Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World. In this paper, I will critique Nigel Dower’s perspective of ethical development and globalization through the lens of John Broome’s Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World and argue that one cannot consider globalization without climateRead MoreThe Importance Of Management And The Success Of A Company1192 Words   |  5 Pagesimportance of management sho uld never be underestimated, management itself is a large and complex topic with all organizations having its goals and objective in which its management process will need to attain desired success for the company, using Global logistics management as an anchor point in understanding the importance of management for the success of a company, we need to understand that the world has become a globally linked environment, economic freedom has uncompromisingly lifted the barriersRead MoreEthical Management Processes in an International Company1039 Words   |  4 Pagespromotion is accomplished within a framework of personal ethics; (2) the organizational culture is constructed with value placed on behavior that is ethical; (3) the organization ensure that leaders not only speak of ethical behavior but follow through in their actions as well; (4) decision-making processes in the organization make the requirement that the ethical aspect of business decisions are considered; and (5) moral courage is developed. (Ethics in International Business, nd) I. Ethical Behavior Read MoreGlobal Crossing Management1100 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Crossing Management 1 Global Crossing Management Mary Adams MGT/330 April 6, 2010 Global Crossing Management 2 Global Crossing Management Global Crossing was founded in 1997 by Gary Winnick. They reported $3.8 billion in revenue and $1.9 billion in losses in 2000. Global Crossing is a leading global IP solutions provider. Global Crossing has developed theRead MoreImportance Of Business Ethics On Previous And Current Literature Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of business ethics in previous and current literature Previous Methodologies used for Studying Business Ethics Majority of the literature reviewed relied heavily on questionnaires and surveys as the chosen methodology. According to Rowley (2014), questionnaires are the â€Å"most widely used means of collecting data† (p. 308). However, when designing a questionnaire or survey researchers should consider the type of questions being used, sensitivity of questions asked, content and lengthRead MoreEvaluation of a Business Code of Ethics1271 Words   |  6 PagesEvaluation of a Business Code of Ethics, The Hershey’s Company PHL/323 Mission Statement Hershey’s Mission Statement noted here, (Social- Responsibility/Marketplace) â€Å"Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day,† Provides the focus

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Pathophysiology Of Coronary Artery Disease Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

Heart onslaught has become a common family term in the United States, due to the fact that about 16 million American have been diagnosed with coronary arteria disease. Harmonizing to American Heart Association, an American dies every minute due to coronary arteria disease. Coronary arteria disease besides known coronary bosom disease or ischaemic bosom disease encompasses other pathologies, such as angina and myocardial infarction ( bosom onslaught ) . We will write a custom essay sample on Pathophysiology Of Coronary Artery Disease Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Coronary arteria disease occurs when there is a narrowing of the coronary arterias, due to the development of plaques taking to cut down sums of oxygenated blood to the bosom. [ 2 ] Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart: – The bosom is an indispensable organ that is responsible for pumping blood all throughout the organic structure and providing it with O and foods. It is the cardinal hub for the cardiovascular system and acts as the conveyance system of the organic structure, which performs via electrical conductivity activity. The anatomy of the bosom is composed of many constructions, such as the four Chamberss: the right and left atria and ventricles, legion blood vass such as the aorta, the pneumonic arteria and vena, and the coronary arterias, four valves, three beds of tissue, etc. The aorta is the chief arteria that pumps the blood out of the bosom to the remainder of the organic structure ; the pneumonic arteria and vena conveyance oxygenated and deoxygenated blood receptively, and the coronary arterias make a Crown on the bosom musculus and provide the myocardium with oxygenated blood and foods. The valves in the bosom are responsible for forestalling backflow of blood and let the blood to go around in an unvarying manner. The electrical conductivity system of the bosom accounts for the whipping of the bosom leting it contract and act as the pump of the organic structure. [ 2, 3 ] Pathophysiology of Coronary Artery Disease: – When the coronary arterias become occluded due to plaque construct up a status called coronary artery disease occurs. Atherosclerosis means tapered and hardening of the arterias taking to damage to the blood vass and is a major subscriber to many bosom diseases and upsets [ 4 ] . These atherosclerotic plaques are formed are from lipid and fat sedimentations, chiefly being cholesterin, which is a ground why diet is besides major hazard factor in developing coronary arteria disease. Arteries are composed of three beds: adventita, intima, and media ; the plaque tends to develop between the intima and media beds [ 5 ] . These atherosclerotic plaques narrow the lms of the arterias doing reduced sums of blood to make the bosom and overtime indurate them doing decrease flexibleness during vasoconstriction and vasodilatation [ 4 ] . Additionally, the atherosclerotic plaques can free doing thrombosis and ischaemic events [ 5 ] . When the coronary arterias ‘ map is compromised, the bosom does non have equal supply of oxygenated blood and foods doing lessening cardiac map. At times of emphasis, the organic structure will seek to antagonize these alterations to accomplish homeostasis, by working harder than normal ; nevertheless, drawn-out effort initiates a cascade to many disease procedures and pathologies, such as myocardiopathy, bosom failure, arrhythmias, cardiac apprehension, and classically myocardial infarction ( bosom onslaught ) [ 4 ] . Most patients of coronary arteria disease experience angina and/or myocardial infarction, or perchance decease. Hazard Factors of Coronary Artery Disease: – Coronary arteria disease tends to be the most common cause of decease and disablement in the United States. The chief hazard factors of coronary arteria disease are as follows: positive household history, physical inaction, hapless diet, smoking and/or intoxicant consumption, along with other diseases pathologies like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterin, and fleshiness. A individual that has positive household history of bosom disease of a first grade relation is at greater hazard of developing coronary arteria disease [ 2 ] . Physical inaction, hapless diet, and fleshiness go manus in manus for developing coronary bosom disease. Obesity has become an epidemic that affects one in four Americans and consequences in many dangerous effects. Heart disease has become the cause of decease in industrialised states compare to developing states, due to sedentary life style and increased fast-food ingestion. The American Heart Association encourages patients to exert on a regular b asis and eat healthy and this besides accounts for better forecast of coronary arteria disease even if person has other hazard factors [ 2 ] . Research indicates that a diet that ‘s rich in omega 3-fatty acids, such as fish helps protect against vascular disease [ 2 ] . One of the most preventable hazard factors for any disease is smoking, and for cardiovascular disease it is the figure one preventable cause [ 2 ] . The World Health Organization states that 1 twelvemonth after surcease of smoke, the hazard of coronary arteria disease lessening by about half [ 2 ] . Additionally, increased age and sex are other lending factors to coronary arteria disease. Statistically, males are more likely to develop coronary bosom disease at an early age, nevertheless the hazard peers for both work forces and adult females after post-maturity. Other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or hypercholesteremia combined with coronary arteria disease consequences dangerous effects, which it is why it ‘s recommended to maintain a close oculus on cholesterin, blood force per unit area and glucose degrees and checked on regular footing [ 2, 4 ] . Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease: – Most patients of coronary arteria disease are symptomless, whereas other patients can show with a assortment of symptoms such as: shortness of breath, stringency around the thorax, thorax hurting, Levine ‘s mark, or perchance decease [ 2 ] . Patients that exhibit symptoms tend have beforehand phases of harm to their coronary arterias [ 4 ] . Angina is the authoritative bosom hurting most patients complain about that is caused by ischaemia. Ischemia is the deficiency of O supply to a part of the bosom [ 4 ] . Patients can see angina at anytime, nevertheless classically it ‘s exhibited after a individual has been involved in an immaterial activity, such as exercising. Angina can be categorized as stable, unstable, or Prinzmetal ‘s ( discrepancy ) angina [ 2 ] . The Levine ‘s mark is the authoritative presentation of a bosom onslaught that most histrions in Hollywood portray, when they are holding a bosom onslaught, which is a clinching fist over their chest [ 1 ] . Complications of Coronary Artery Disease/ What is a bosom onslaught? Myocardial infarction occurs when the bosom is deprived of oxygenated blood because of rupture of the atherosclerotic plaque, ensuing in a province of ischaemia. Supply meets demand theory comes into drama, because the bosom is demanding oxygenated blood and foods, but the coronary arterias are unable to supply due to atherosclerosis construct up. The country of the bosom that the harm occurs to the bosom depends on the vass that are occluded, exhibiting a assortment of symptoms and/or complications [ 4 ] . For illustration, if the myocardial infarction occurs at the right atrium and upset the electrical conductivity activity of the SA node, it may do the patient to perchance endure from arrhythmias. Therefore, basically if a patient experiences a myocardial infarction at a peculiar part of the bosom that country will endure an ischaemic event and kills the bosom tissue hence doing it non-functional. Overall, a myocardial infarction has hapless forecast and tends to take to morbidity and mortality [ 2 ] . Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease: – Coronary arteria disease is a status that develops overtime ; therefore there are n’t any existent trials that can bespeak if a individual is enduring from coronary arteria disease [ 6 ] . Healthcare suppliers use patient ‘s history, physical test consequences, and assess hazard factors for developing coronary arteria disease [ 2, 6 ] . Electrocardiogram, emphasis testing, echocardiography, and research lab proving turn out to be the trial of pick by health care suppliers when analyzing patients that are at hazard of developing coronary arteria disease. Electrocardiograms besides know as an EKG or ECG detects the bosom ‘s electrical activity, beat, bosom rate, axis, and any unnatural expansions of the bosom [ 6 ] . An EKG is a speedy and painless trial and can state healthcare suppliers if the patient had or is holding a myocardial infarction [ 2, 6 ] . Stress testing can be induced by exercising or medicine for measuring ischaemia in a patient [ 2 ] . An echocardi ography ( echo ) utilizes sound moving ridges to supervise the bosom ‘s activity, including the size, form, and blood flow. Laboratory proving, such as blood trials are conducted on a regular footing to measure the degrees of cholesterin, sugar, and proteins such as inflammatory markers [ 2 ] . Other tools, such as chest X raies, angiography, antielectron emanation imaging ( PET ) , and cardiac cautery can be utilized for patients with greater hazard factors and/or beforehand phases of coronary arteria disease [ 2 ] . Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease: – Coronary arteria disease is a complex disease since it encompasses other pathologies ; nevertheless intervention options for coronary arteria disease tends to be simple at its early phases, such as lifestyle alterations. Patients are encouraged to partake in curative life style alterations ( TLC ) , such as day-to-day exercising, eating healthy well-balanced repasts, and emphasis and weight direction. A comprehensive TLC program besides helps command other diseases, such diabetes, high blood pressure and fleshiness [ 6 ] . The American Heart Association recommends patients with hazard factors to use the DASH diet, which encourages ingestion of fruit and veggies on a day-to-day footing, eating fish twice a hebdomad, restricting salt and intoxicant ingestion [ 5 ] . TLC helps cut down the hazard of bosom disease by take downing cholesterin and keeping a organic structure mass index ( BMI ) of less than 25, which is considered to be normal [ 6 ] . For advanced phases of coronary arteria disease medicine such as decoagulants, acetylsalicylic acid, beta-blockers, Ca channel blockers, and glyceryl trinitrates are prescribed to assist cut down symptoms, lower cholesterin and blood force per unit area, prevent blood coagulums [ 2, 6 ] . Aspirin is the taking medicine to assist alleviate angina and prevent myocardial infarction. Patients that have extended harm to their arterias or have experienced a myocardial infarction may necessitate medical processs, such as angioplasty or coronary arteria beltway grafting ( CABG ) [ 6 ] . Angioplasty or transdermal coronary intercession ( PCI ) is a medical process done to open blocked or narrowed coronary arterias [ 6 ] . Normally, people refer this medical process as holding a â€Å" stent † put in, which helps prevent future obstruction from happening. CABG is an extended surgical process done where physicians use blood vass from other countries of the organic structure that are n’t blocked to short-circuit narrow ed and damaged coronary arterias, therefore bettering the blood flow to the bosom [ 2, 6 ] . Overall, patient instruction proves to be the best intervention option to assist forestall coronary arteria disease. Decision: – Levine sign- ^A Edmondstone WM ( 1995 ) .A † Cardiac chest hurting: does organic structure linguistic communication help the diagnosing? â€Å" .A BMJA 311A ( 7021 ) : 1660-1.A PMCA 2539106.A PMIDA 8541748. Chapter 10 pg 341 CMDT Human Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 18 pg 662 ; Marieb/Hoehn Clinical Pathophysiology made laughably simple ; Berkowitz AHA Website- hypertext transfer protocol: //www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HeartAttack/Heart-Attack_UCM_001092_SubHomePage.jsp hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/health-topics/topics/cad/ How to cite Pathophysiology Of Coronary Artery Disease Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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Role of Women in Ancient Mesopotamia Essay Example

Role of Women in Ancient Mesopotamia Paper From Suffering to Suffrage As Mary Wollstonecraft once said, â€Å"I do not wish them to have power over men, but over themselves. † In this quote, â€Å"themselves† is referred to as women of course. It is somewhat customary to pick up a paper in today’s light and perhaps see read about Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, or First Lady, Michelle Obama, even media specialist, Oprah Winfrey. The list could go on and on, but the point remains the same. If King Hammurabi of Babylon were living in today’s world and saw how dramatic the power of women has transformed over the years, he would perhaps declare himself Queen of Babylon. Kevin Reilly accurately depicts the struggling role of women from this early period of civilization through Assyrian law, a palace decree, and Hammurabi’s Code. The first text that is mentioned by Reilly, is that titled, Assyrian law. These codes tell us many things about the role of women in early civilization. The following code comes from two official documents that were from an empire based in Mesopotamia as far back as 1,100 B. C. E. The Assyrian law which will be discussed first, gives knowledgeable understanding of the attitudes of the men towards the women in that time period. The Assyrian law introduces many different concepts relating to the role of women during this early civilization. The first concept considers the daily attire of a woman upon presenting herself in public. â€Å"Wives of a man, or [widows], or any [Assyrian] women who go out into the main thoroughfare [shall not have] their heads [bare]† (Reilly 34). This Assyrian law calls for the wearing of a veil, when seen in public. Although in the United States you would be hard pressed to find a female wearing a veil, it is not uncommon to travel out to the Middle East and witness this occurrence. We will write a custom essay sample on Role of Women in Ancient Mesopotamia specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Role of Women in Ancient Mesopotamia specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Role of Women in Ancient Mesopotamia specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This rule applied to not only the wives of the husband but any existing daughters that wish to go out into the main. The status changes quite a bit when describing the role of an unmarried woman. It was said that any unmarried woman was to leave her entire head bare when walking out into public. A prostitute as well must be bare while addressing the public. The Assyrian law had a way of putting the prostitutes, and unmarried women below the status of married women, and then married women also found themselves on an entire level below men. There were evere consequences to any prostitute who decided to wear a veil. â€Å"They shall not take away her jewelry, but he who has seized her takes her clothing; they shall strike her 50 blows with rods; they shall pour hot pitch over her head. † (Reilly 34). This quote is very powerful in the way that these acts which occurred often back then, would not be anywhere near tolerated today. The physical pain that the female would endure in t his process, not to mention the embarrassment of being stripped of all clothing leaving only jewelry, would be more than enough to relegate the role of the female. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the Assyrian code involves the tormenting of a slave that chose to wear a veil in public. The slave would be brought to the palace and stripped naked only to have her ears cut off. This is an extreme punishment that is unheard of in today’s terms. These punishments do serve a purpose however, in showing how the role of women in early civilizations was nearly absent. A palace decree was issued by the king of Assyria, Tiglath-Pileser. This decree mentioned the harsh punishments that would take place to man if he entered the palace without first being castrated. If an official knows a man is not castrated who enters the palace, then both the man and the official are subject to harsh punishment as well. â€Å".. they shall amputate one foot of each of these officials. † (Reilly 34). The interesting part about the palace decree would be how it fails to mention the role of the woman of the early civilization; it fails to even notice she existed. The woman was treated so unfavorably that it was not even a thought of whether or not she could gain entry into such a prestigious palace. The palace decree shows how the role of a woman from this era was basically absent and not in effect. In the latter part of Reilly’s text there is another code that shows the role of women in early civilization. Hammurabi’s code is a text that gives us an idea of people’s sense of justice and proper punishment. The concepts discussed in Hammurabi’s code include family, marriage, economics and contracts. From the family and marriage passage it was said that if a woman is wayward or unruly in an attempt to declare herself free from any marital relations with the husband she would receive harsh punishment. â€Å"†¦they shall cast that woman into the water. † (Reilly 60) This is a severe punishment and shows how limited a woman’s role was during the early civilization. In today’s world there would never be any punishment for a woman refusing to marry a man. Today, the role of a woman has drastically changed from being almost suppressed to more of an imperative role. In the economics and contracts portion of Hammurabi’s code it was said that a daughter or wife could be put up for debt services for up to three years. â€Å"†¦they shall perform service in the house of their buyer of the one who holds them in debt service for three years. † (Reilly 60). This slave like description of Hammurabi’s code is something that is not existent and has not been existent ever since the abolition of slavery. Back in the early era it was permissible to allow another buyer to acquire the services of a wife or daughter if there was an outstanding obligation that needed to be fulfilled. Times have changed dramatically for the better for the role of women, and if Hammurabi’s code was still in effect today it would be hard for people to take it seriously. Kevin Reilly did a remarkable job in using various texts to help illustrate the limited role of women back in the early civilization. The Assyrian law and Hammurabi’s code especially contributed the most to help portray the way that women were treated and thought of back during this early era. Women could not be trusted and were always placed on a level below that of a man. Today things are different and women have become a powerful force that lead different political and social sectors in the country. It is safe to say that the role of women has changed and has changed for the better for women. Instead of women not having power over anything including themselves as seen in the early civilization, they now have a well developed role in society and an immense power over themselves.